About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a welcoming, vibrant environment for all residents and their loved ones. Often there is a misconception that nursing homes are lonely and boring - we want you to know that is not the case. We strive to provide residents with the best in not just physical care, but mental and social care as well.

Our Values

Our dearest core values set us apart from other nursing facilities. We create positive experiences through daily routines and spontaneous events. We believe in doing what is right to promote positive, healthy experiences within our community. We acknowledge and respect our residents’ individual strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and personal histories to ensure they get the best in attention and care. Above all, we are kind, as it’s a basic human act and practicing it every moment of every day fosters supportive and affirmative relationships.

Our Vision

The future of United Living Community is bright. We adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of our residents and employees. Demonstrating positive attitudes and attentive care distinguishes United Living Community as a facility that goes above and beyond. We encourage employee development as our workers are instrumental in an organized and highly-skill environment. Creating a balance between the employee’s needs and goals is important. We continue to be a dynamic part of the Brookings community, as this partnership shows the power of what communities working together can offer.

Kaleb C. Hight, LNHA


Danna Groenewold

Director of Nursing

Dr. Kenric Malmberg

Medical Director

Camille Koolmo

Director of Human Resources

Angie Hudy

Director of Education

Bill Thelen

Director of Environmental Services

April Rieger

Director of Social Services

Pastor Dorthy Tufte


Jeanine Reed

AR/AP Accounting Clerk

Cassie Haakinson

Executive Administrative Assistant

Alice Harrison


Lowell Slyter

Mary Jo Benton Lee

Joan Hagerfeld Baker

Rebecca Schmieding

Mitch Steinhoff

Julie Bell

Greg Fargen

Steve Kirkey

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